Liam and Winter ( sold )
Lady With Hat 1 (sold)
Getting Dancer (sold)
Terra Rosa
Terra Cotta (sold)
The Lowe's Initials (sold)
Hat Lady 2 (sold)
Coming Back From The Pond (sold)
Hat Lady 3 (sold)
The Fifer
Hat Lady 4 (sold)
The Shearer ( sold )
The World Lay Still
All Shorn Now ( sold )
For The Hay Is Ripe ( sold )
Hanging On To Memories ( sold )
Alone In His Thoughts ( sold )
Watching Over The Flock
With Poise and Grace
The Lady In Red
The Me You See
Skimming Over The Warm Water
Waiting Is Never Easy
Soft Winds and Day Dreams
Settler's Lament ( Sold )
Walking To Renfrew
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